The easiest way to find out the right 4 wires is to look at the documentation for the motor, but if you dont have that, you can with some testing, find the right ones. Please visit our wiki page for more info about this product. Most stepper drivers offer something called microstepping, and the Big Easy Driver is no exception. It is even does acceleration and deceleration, supports multiple drivers at once, and most importantly it is non blocking. Forgot Password Login or registration. First name is required!

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Exactly why this is is pretty complex, but if you want to know more about it, you should really read this: As I mentioned before, steppers have that minimum movement called a bih. A lot of people ask about what voltage big easy driver stepper motor should use to power their motor. But no matter what, we need to find the 2 main coils inside of the motor. Forgot Password Login or registration.

To find the correct 2 wires, we need to locate the 3 wires from each coil. Keep this in mind when adjusting the current limits.

Please visit our wiki page for more info about this product. This will allow the motor to spin faster than if powered at a lower voltage.

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Meaning, you can be moving your motor as you are reading from a sensor, or turning on lights etc. Start by just picking one at random, and using an ohmMeter, test the resistance with the others until you find the 2 connected big easy driver stepper motor that wire. Check out the chart on easyy side to see how make the adjustments. You can big easy driver stepper motor the recommended heatsink in the related items below.

And if you get it wrong, the motor mtoor just twitch or not move, but you wont break it. So we need two pairs of wire that have the highest resistance in the group.

Big Easy Driver

Microstepping Most stepper drivers offer something called microstepping, and the Big Easy Driver is no exception. Microstepping breaks down that step into smaller micro steps. You can feel these steps if you slowly turn your stepper by hand. Microstepping allows for smoother, quieter, more accurate control, at slower speeds. So just plug wires from coil A into the A on the driver, and the two from coil B into b.

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So each coil actually has 3 wires, a center and two ends. Basically, We need to find ends of the two coils. The version I have here is barebones with big easy driver stepper motor of the examples.


Stepper or step motors are really cool. The motkr easyDriver is the big brother of the easy driver we wrote about last year. The ends of the coils will have twice the resistance as the center to an ddiver.

Big Easy Driver

It is based on the Allegro A stepper driver chip. Then you can tell it to go home, and it will go back 10, steps to 0. The arrow indicators on the current adjustment potentiometer are ste;per.

Steppers have a minimum amount they can move known as a step.

If you have a 6 wire stepper, it will be slightly trickier. It’s the next version of the popular Easy Driver board. First name is required!

It is a chopper microstepping driver which defaults to 16 step microstepping mode. On the bigEasy driver is a mini potentiometer to control the current to the motor. Controlling them can get tricky at first, so today we are doing an steppdr on using the Big EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver.