When you have any missed call, the amount of missed calls is displayed in real time under the status information on the main screen. When your message contains no more than characters, it will be sent as one message. Page 33 Select a message or double-click it to display the interface with the detailed contents and click Get Number. You can edit it. The following table lists the procedure.

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Huawei ec325 usb modem Click to answer the call, or Click to reject the call. Uninstalling Mode, Ec Manager 2. Click OK to modify it. Make all installation in C:. Removing Messages You can remove the messages you have received.

Do not leave your wireless device in a high-temperature place or use them in a place with flammable gas. Huawei ec325 usb modem whether these two devices are installed correctly at first. Also See for EC Installation manual – 40 pages. Up to messages can be stored in the Trash.

Huawei EC325 Mobile 3G USB Modem Windows Drivers, Mobile Connect Utility

Please ask the local network operator for how to activate it; 2. The volume of the huawei ec325 usb modem connection with the Internet, including sent and received volume statistic values and the duration of the connection. Missed calls Displays the number of missed calls that have not been viewed in real time. New messages Displays the number of new messages in real time. Internet Service If you use the Low-speed Data Service Huawei ec325 usb modem to access the internet, consult the network operator for all the information to be entered.

Recent Drivers  DRIVER FOR ASUS EEE 1001P

Step Operation and description From the “Choose Profile Name” field, select a profile you want to modify. The number of the sender is displayed and dialed out automatically at the same time. Access the SMS screen, click and the Outbox is displayed.

The new contact screen is displayed, and the huawei ec325 usb modem number of this message appears automatically in the blank field behind Mobile Number. The indicator is blinking all the mosem. The EC is disabled. The highest SAR value for this device type when tested is 0.


Huawei ec325 usb modem a Dialed Call You can delete items from the dialed calls. Step Operation and description Click on Click to go to the Inbox and check new messages; double click a message to view the detailed contents. IF two or more telephone numbers are contained in the item you select, the Select Phone Number window is displayed and modme are prompted to select one number.

You can select the sound alert or display alert. Web Site is taking more time to download? When the Inbox is full and a new huawei ec325 usb modem is coming, the earliest message in the Inbox is removed automatically to the Trash. Step Action Select one or more yuawei s. The New contacts screen is displayed.


The huawei ec325 usb modem interface after the EC manager starts huswei as follows. The limits include a margin designed to assure the safety of all persons, regardless of age and health.

Enter the new code again to confirm it. Then, the functions related to the UIM card such modek connecting to the Internet, making and answering calls, sending and receiving text messages, and reading the messages recorded in the UIM card may be unavailable for you.

Huawei EC325

If you are sure, click and this return notification message is removed. The New interface is modm, and the number of the message receiver appears automatically in the Mobile column. Press Enter to answer an incoming call.