Please fix these items. The G13 mini-stick can now be assigned as an analog joystick or mouse mouse button is supported in LUA scripting Added a new feature Profiler Selector: Whenever the program is restarted, all the mouse click macros are changed. Press any combination of keys and see each registered together. If this is a feature that is critical for you, I recommend using the 3.

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New Logitech Gaming Software 7.0

Simpler is logitech gamepanel always better! This is an issue our engineers are aware of and it will be addressed in a future version of the software. Logitech gamepanel important since I use many third-party applets. Logitech Gaming Software 7.

This is a feature many users have requested, however, so we are absolutely considering such gmepanel for future products. I would suggest contacting Support or discussing with other end-users on the forums. Hi Logitech, I recently download the new software to logitech gamepanel with my g15 keyboard, however I am unable to add additional gamer profiles created for previos versions. logitech gamepanel

Tamepanel than the bugs this is a awesome redesign! Hi Craig, Logktech absolutely agree that the onboard profile management logitech gamepanel should be present in LGS 7. So thanks logitech gamepanel your input! If this is a feature that is critical for you, I recommend using the 3. There is no timetable for that update at this time.


This software is actually a suite of applications that work together to provide users with all the necessary tools to make the needed modifications on the fly. Quickly simplify actions to stay immersed in your game and never lose lohitech step. Fraps is a universal applicaiton that can be used with all games using DirectX or Open GL technology.

The gameboard logitech gamepanel contains grams of stabilizing weight and sturdy logitech gamepanel feet.

Logitech GamePanel: Clock

Hi Chris, I just got my G and I was wondering because I also got a G9X gaming mouse with it and I was wondering logitech gamepanel it would be possilbe if they can run off the same software. New logitech gamepanel Logitech GamePanel 3. An unhandled win32 exception occurred in LCore. Hi Lurk, There is no timetable for kogitech update. Plus, the display backlighting matches the custom-color backlit keys.

New Logitech Gaming Software | logi BLOG

Thanks for the error log. We’re glad you’re here. Hi R7, The developers have been informed.

We absolutely agree that the onboard profile management functionality should be present in LGS 7. Logitech gamepanel tested it briefly before going back, until the next version. Choose from 16 million colors and assign a unique color to each profile, profile mode and mode style in the same game. Logitech gamepanel would be nice to offer if the new software for both beginners and advanced, experienced users would be possibilities.


Jason I also have all the bugs listen by Jason, even the second bug although the second bug also appears in the previous version. Logitech gamepanel test macro feature is missing. Looking for more See all results: Click to load comments. Do you guys plan on adding G9x mouse support to this application any logitech gamepanel soon?

I have to set it to pull up the list to change apps.

These show-stopping issues are making me uninstall your new version and go back to logitech gamepanel previous version with separate LCD logitech gamepanel macro apps. Under Applets I have the program checked and everything is checked when you click customize for the app.